Coronavirus- MYTHS to ignore

Written by on 23rd March 2020

There have been a variety of  COVID-19  health Myths which are Fake health advice. Let see few MYTHS and bad practices you should Ignore .

  • Myth: 1 – Eat Garlic – No Doubt garlic is healthy food but WHO says there is no evidence that eating garlic protecting from COVID-19.
  • Myth: 2 – Drinking Luke water with Salt – staying hydrated is good for you but that doesn’t Stop COVID-19.
  • Myth:3 – Holding your Breathe – Nope it is not the test for COVID-19.
  • Myth:4 – COW Urine – Few people/groups thinks it has medicinal properties but  as per WHO there is no evidence which proves it cures COVID-19.
  • Myth:5 – Vaccine is available – There is no Vaccine available as of now.However scientist have already begun working on one.




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