There have been a variety of  COVID-19  health Myths which are Fake health advice. Let see few MYTHS and bad practices you should Ignore . Myth: 1 – Eat Garlic – No Doubt garlic is healthy food but WHO says there is no evidence that eating garlic protecting from COVID-19. Myth: 2 – Drinking Luke […]

The NHS says washing hands is a key part of preventing the spread of viruses which should take about 20 seconds. Lets see how can we wash our hands properly .    

COVID 19 is a new illness that affects your lungs and airways; it’s caused by a virus called corona virus.    On Monday 23 March, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that we now must not leave our homes.   The only reasons we can leave our homes are:   For shopping for basic necessities, and this should be as infrequently as […]

Spice Fm are always looking for enthsiastic people to join the team. We are always on the look out for new talent to come and help run Spice FM, Tynesides only Asian and diverse community radio station.

Spice FM is the hottest radio station to go live on the airwaves in Newcastle offering exciting and new programming that no other local broadcaster currently provides.

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