About Spice FM

The only diverse radio station on the airwaves of Tyneside


Something completely different...

Spice FM is the vibrant and exciting radio station broadcast on the airwaves of Tyneside. Catering to the tastes of those that enjoy Asian and world music as well as plenty of entertainment. You can listen and share views and issues happening in the local community. Spice FM offers educational and informative content relevant to the community.

Real Radio by real people...

We believe Spice FM is ‘reality radio’ where real people present shows and portray a sound they want others to hear. Money is not our motivation, we do not employ ‘artificial’ radio presenters who get paid to sit and say the same phrases hour after hour playing music that producers have selected for them with a view to maximise their profits. We employ dedicated volunteers on a non paid basis, who come from many different backgrounds, doing radio shows from the soul….

"For the Community By the Community"

Spice FM is managed and operated by the community. All of our staff from presenters to directors are all non paid volunteers fro the local community. They run the radio service and help to make it relevant and fitting to their needs.

"To entertain, educate and enlighten"

We offer programmes that are entertaining, educational, and informative. A mix of truely diverse programmes, providing a range that is currently not available anywhere else on the local FM dial. Spice is proud to boasts a spectrum of programmes in 14 different languages!

Training and Skills

Spice FM has its own in house training course in broadcast and music technology. We invite members of the community who to take part in training in English and a multi lingual format.


Want to see how it all works? Spice FM are happy to arrange studio visits to see how we operate and meet some of the team. We have pre arranged tours which are advertised nearer the time or we can also arrange individual visits too. Please EMAIL US for further information.


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We are very proud to be part of the Beacon scheme in the heart of Newcastle’s West End. Our broadcast studios on the ground floor of this amazing building with big glass frontages are designed to be inclusive of our community and we welcome you popping down any time to have a peep through the windows and see whats going on.

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