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08:00 to 09:00  Devastasian Breakfast Show

Presented by: Sand

in English

The only desi way to wake up in the mornings - with the Laaaa's!

Contact presenter: Sand

09:00 to 11:00  Devotional Hour: Sikh

Presented by: Kulvinder

in Punjabi

Sikh Devotional programming

Image: 2006 Ian Sewell, CC-BY-SA 2.5

Contact presenter: Kulvinder

11:00 to 12:00  Eye on the East

Presented by: Daniel Johnson

in English / Hindi

This week in Asia focuses on topics that have been prominent in South Asia recently, with host Daniel Johnson.

Contact presenter: Daniel Johnson

12:00 to 14:00  Hamaaree Baaten

Presented by: Dr Anand

in English / Hindi

Contact presenter: Dr Anand

14:00 to 16:00  Moga to Bombay

Presented by: DJ Charan

in Various

Moga To Bombay

Contact presenter: DJ Charan

16:00 to 18:00  Big Drive Time

Presented by: Dj Merchi Merchant

in Various

Big Drive Time home!

Contact presenter: Dj Merchi Merchant

18:00 to 20:00  Des Pardes

Presented by: Benny

in Mirpuri

Contact presenter: Benny

20:00 to 21:00  Fusion Flavas

Presented by: Shamin

in English

Presented by Shamin

Contact presenter: Shamin

21:00 to 22:00  Tarranum

Presented by: Rajoo

in Hindi

Evening Ghazals

Contact presenter: Rajoo

22:00 to 24:00  Rumba

Presented by: Coco Vegas

in English

Contact presenter: Coco Vegas

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